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Blast Mats

Blasting Mats

Blasting Mats Are Used In Construction Sites Or Queries.

Placed Over The Opening, They Provide Great Absorption And Protection From Flying Debris As Well As Great Noise Reduction While Allowing Gases And Fumes To Escape.

Our Blast Mats Are Homemade And Tightly Woven With Lifting Rings Or Eyes So That They Can Be Easily Moved From One Location To Another.

Materials: Manila, Polyester, Nylon, Polypropylene.

Average Weight: 9 LBS/SQUARE FOOT.

2” Diameter Polypropylene Rope Blast mat

Vibrant Yellow Polypropylene Blast Mat - Nets Depot

1-1/2” Manila Blast Mat


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For 40 plus years we have been manufacturing Rope Nets, Web Nets, Rescue Netting, Wheel Nets, Steel Nets & Sports Netting. We also make Slings/Tie Downs, Blast Mats, Marine Ladders and Wind Screens.

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